i stumbled upon these images on the web (source unknown) of jessica and freja wearing rather eccentric outfits for their calm beach setting. if the photographer and stylist had the intention of creating some sort of odd juxtaposition between the solidity of their clothing and the airiness of the beach, i KINDA see it(?) i think(?)
i'm in love with the photos regardless of the stylistic intentions.
the photos remind me of the young girls i'd see playing on the beaches of new york growing up.
the 7 or 8 year old girls who have already spent a huge chunk of their summertime swimming and sunbathing on the beach and have decided that swimsuits were "soooo two weeks ago". these girls would rather play dress-up and tease their hair. no more searching for sea shells and making sand castles.

each models expression says "lets play" in very different ways.

and frankly, i want to play too!

hold on while i go whip up a black tulle skirt and find the faux-leather jacket i bought on sale at H&M last year; and have worn maybe 4 times since. perfect for dress up.

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