retail therapy

photo by LEIGH

much needed retail therapy with my roommate.


(i'll unveil the goodies in future posts)


vassiliki valentine! [late]

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself

rodarte for target lace cardigan, free people dress, sarah jane studded booties
whoever said you can only wear red on valentine's day was wrong.
when i think of valentine's day i don't think about the color red! i think about socially acceptable one night stands; candy; day long relationships; candy; doilies; candy; and candy.

and is it just me, or are these [amazing] sarah jane's extremely prada-esque?

i mean.


yeah? yeah.

whether you agree or not; vassiliki and i fell in love with their prada-esque appeal and affordable price tag! a great find at our 'journeys' shoe store!

ultimately, i put together an appropriately flirty [non-red] valentine's day outfit for vassilki which was worn out on a lovely dinner date (with yours truly) at our favorite thai restaurant.
in the wise words of chelley; "we took the night" ;-)


bananas for brian

brian lichtenberg + baggu for blood is the new black tote

i just purchased this tote online
& i'm so excited for it!
i'll be using it to lug some of my daily sewing supplies back and forth between class, my dorm and the costume shop on campus.

i feel like its the perfect mix of simplicity and practicality while supplying the consumer with an appealing unisex design.

Hedi Slimane,
Nicolas Ghesquière,
and Vivienne Westwood
...need i say more?

buy it here!

(i first saw this design on a tee shirt worn by fellow blogger bryanboy)


sister bear

photos taken by LEIGH

model: my sister! carly

stylist: myself

rodarte for target dress, vintage tommy hilfiger belt, U.O tights, vintage boots

i apologize for the major slow down and post mediocrity since haute at handley - but the huge amounts of snow we've received in virginia have kept leigh and i snowed in and away from each other.

this ensemble was thrown together for a dinner date.

the feminine bows lining the back are so romantic and playful.
a pleasant surprise on an already amazing dress.

(carly has since cut her hair into a
susie bubble type bang.)


mourning mcqueen

i'm at a loss for words.
ysl? daul kim? now this?
the amount of joy mcqueen brought the fashion world is immeasurable.
rest in peace.

enjoy a rainbow retrospective.

photos courtesy of style.com


grace is god

VOGUE (U.S.A) January 2010
"already famous" with sasha pivovarova
shot by steven meisel
styled by grace coddington

the kind of styling in this shoot is exactly the kind of fun i want to start having not only with outfits i style for others but with my own personal wardrobe.

its so fun. fearless. colorful!!

grace is a genius. point blank.

the outfits on sasha give me the feeling of a young anna piaggi/catherine baba love child with a dash of taylor momsen's character 'jenny' from gossip girl.

i'm in love.

here's a video of grace at work:
(alongside one of my favorite fashion photographers, annie leibovitz [i sometimes call leigh "my annie"])


haute at handley

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

rodarte for target lace tee and tulle skirt, bottega veneta bag, christian dior belt, vintage pearls, VS bra, givenchy tights, aldo boots

a successful photoshoot at the ever-gorgeous handley library birthed some gorgeous photos.

the light color of the columns served a great contrast to the darkness of the clothing while the strength and scale of the building complimented the commanding presence of the outfit i styled for vassiliki.

the library regulars were gawking at the 'revealing' nature of vassiliki's outfit in comparison to the local southern-conservative nature of dress.