terry richardson.

he has an odd sense of sex appeal.

also, he's amazingly amazing.

the end.


mon monogramming



prepster in prorsum

i love boxes. when something comes in a box, it makes opening it all the more exciting.
and storage is made much easier (and more attractive), no?

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself

miu miu vest, stylist's own white oxford, burberry prorsum necktie, abercrombie kids jeans, manolo blahnik kitten heels.

with a necktie borrowed from my roommate, i was able to create this flirty tomboy look; the preppy vibe was weighed down with the presence of distressed jeans, making it the perfect outfit for a shoe shopping trip :-)
for a prolonged day of extensive sitting down, standing up, bending over and pacing [in prospective new shoes], i was forced to shy away from styling V (yeah, we call her "V" for short - how gossip girl, no?) in the usual short hemlines she pulls off so well.


ask alice!

with the premier of Tim Burton's "ALICE IN WONDERLAND [3d]" starring JOHNNY DEPP, HELENA BONHAM CARTER, ANNE HATHAWAY and newcomer MIA WASIKOWSKA happening tonight, i thought a post featuring the December 2003 "Alice in Wonderland" editorial shown in American VOGUE was appropriate.

my favorite ALICE creations are the ones done by Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL and Marc Jacobs for his self titled line MARC JACOBS.

the VERSACE and VIKTOR & ROLF creations are a close second.
Donatella hit all the right notes; the ruffled layers on her Versace gown are exquisite! and the Viktor & Rolf accordion neckline just seems so right for a Vogue interpretation of everyone's favorite lost girl.
(the way VOGUE included the idea of TWEEDLE DEE & TWEEDLE DUMB through Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren's presence was perfect)

what are your thoughts? favorites? least favorites?

enjoy! :)


more miu miu please!

ain't it puuuuuurrrdddddyyyy?

photos taken by LEIGH

model: myself

stylist: myself

miu miu pear brooch, hanes v-neck, thrifted vest and belt, D&G slacks

retail therapy is real! and it works!
some would describe 'retail therapy' as a prime example of the materialistic nature of society.

my peers at shenandoah don't seem to understand the idea of 'retail therapy' (with the exception of vassiliki, my fantastic roommate and a select few others) and are constantly judging my passion for all things VOGUE, ELLE, NYLON etc.

i don't judge computer geeks for spending their money on video games;
i don't judge car buffs for owning more than one or two cars;
i don't judge makeup artists for buying out sephora;
i don't judge pastry chefs for going gaga at dean and deluca;

so why judge a costume design student for spending [x] amount of dollars on a pear miu miu brooch that makes his life brighter?

despite what the 'demode ones' (thank you fake karl!) might think as outsiders looking in, fashion brings joy to millions; and i'm one of the many that make up those joyous numbers :-)