more miu miu please!

ain't it puuuuuurrrdddddyyyy?

photos taken by LEIGH

model: myself

stylist: myself

miu miu pear brooch, hanes v-neck, thrifted vest and belt, D&G slacks

retail therapy is real! and it works!
some would describe 'retail therapy' as a prime example of the materialistic nature of society.

my peers at shenandoah don't seem to understand the idea of 'retail therapy' (with the exception of vassiliki, my fantastic roommate and a select few others) and are constantly judging my passion for all things VOGUE, ELLE, NYLON etc.

i don't judge computer geeks for spending their money on video games;
i don't judge car buffs for owning more than one or two cars;
i don't judge makeup artists for buying out sephora;
i don't judge pastry chefs for going gaga at dean and deluca;

so why judge a costume design student for spending [x] amount of dollars on a pear miu miu brooch that makes his life brighter?

despite what the 'demode ones' (thank you fake karl!) might think as outsiders looking in, fashion brings joy to millions; and i'm one of the many that make up those joyous numbers :-)


  1. Great analogy!!! And that pin is so cool!! I love the colors.

  2. i agree with every statement you said and i too know the wonders of retail therapy! good choice, i love the brooch. it adds such a nice pop of color to your outfit.

  3. Nice post, I love that Miu Miu brooch, so hot. I need one as well lol. I know there are tons of people out there who don't seem to understand the passion that some of us have for fashion, but that's ok, we live in a bias society. And btw I love the slacks and the belt, great look.


  4. I'm with you on the retail therapy :) Mon Mode Blog