photos taken by WILL GOODWIN
(on his blackberry; so excuse the size and quality)

model: myself! (as lady gaga)

stylist: myself again! (maxwell conrad)

thrifted corset, borrowed belt-wig-hat-jewelry-tights, journeys shades, ben-nye green lipstick

this is an outfit i put together and wore to the gaga monster ball this past weekend at my school.
i call it: ga-ga-garden !
this party was all about the music and the costumes; and i had a blast!

best party of the year!

^^^w/ valerie - my favorite back-up dancer

^^^w/ emily - my favorite lesbian back-up dancer

^^^w/ kelley - my #1 gaga groupie



photos taken by my favorite cousin.
(secret identity, as requested)

model: me!

stylist: me again! (maxwell conrad)

burberry toggle coat, burberry scarf, thrifted van heusen sweater, levis cords, U.O fingerless gloves, doc martens

my frames are ferragamo.

quick trip visiting my super fun, super sexy, super smart cousin in new york.
love her. lover her apartment. love that she's so low key and loves being behind the camera.



the secret garden

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

free people dress, vintage sweater, vintage pearls, betsey johnson knee highs, michael kors heels

leigh, vassiliki and i went on an adventure through winchester and found an old house with a real life secret garden!

we only took pictures of the outside walls in fear of breaking some sort of privacy law, but from what we saw through the cute wooden door we could tell that the garden will be GORGEOUS come spring time.

this outfit was just something i put together for V on a whim.


animal instinct

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

divided by H&M jacket, F21 lace tank, christian dior belt, victoria's secret bra, michael kors top (worn as a skirt), M.I.A wedges, betseyville by betsey johnson bag

i was shopping with vassiliki for a trendy animal print skirt/dress last week [to be worn on a night out/date] - we could not find ANYTHING.

when on the verge of giving up, out of the blue we discover a gorgeous michael kors top.

despite it being a top, we found our skirt!

within minutes i had vassiliki in the dressing room and after assuring the lady working that i was gay i was back there with her tying the shirt into a wrap skirt around her waist. it was perfect.

back to vassiliki's room where i had fun rummaging through the now familiar articles of clothing.
after about thirty minutes of dress up i gave birth to this [what i think to be->] fierce outfit.
this outfit takes charge!
commands attention!

vassiliki, leigh and i love it :-)

do you?


downtown winchester.


the lace cardigan

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

valentino scarf (worn as a top), rodarte for target lace cardigan, vintage pearls

[the poster is something i took from the trash behind hollister when they were changing floorsets; its new home is in my dorm room]

is it just me or was the rodarte for target's
GO International line amazing?
like, really amazing.

i have so many outfits i could put together with the pieces i bought for vassiliki, my sister and my friends aaren and kelley.

i have shoots planned with them to show off the beauty of this affordable designer collection.

this cardigan is one of my favorite pieces from the line.
its so light- but so tough.

i'm just afraid of what tan lines it might leave behind on a sunny day!!! :-P

danny [fucking] roberts

i, maxwell conrad, want to marry danny roberts of Igor + André.

the end.


jump for joplin

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

valentino scarf (worn as a headband), victoria's secret leopard lace nightie (worn as a tank), [men's] hollister flannel, hollister skirt, wilsons leather leather jacket, givenchy tights, aldo boots

this outfit summed up in two words?: modern. rocker.
this outfit epitomizes a cliché rocker ensemble with the use of a leather biker jacket, headband, fishnets and boots - but the outfit is then rooted to today with the use of some trendy mall purchases that were thrown into this saucy mix.
a prime example of juxtaposition working in fashion and costumes.

the mix of classic rocker and mall slave wardrobe pieces is much like this music mix:

janis joplin & [techno] autobahn.
rock chic & hollister california.

something not expected to work, yet it somehow does.



new bandeau

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

thrifted chains, free people bandeau, [folding] ray-ban wayfarers

apparently a slow shutter speed, dim lighting, a dorm room collage and an exciting new purchase make for some lovely photos!

an old bandeau (that's new to us) made its way into our lives. we love.

the gold and black lace are sexy without being slutty.

if only the weather was a tad more permissible...


bonnie pink

photos taken by LEIGH

model: vassiliki

stylist: myself (maxwell conrad)

burberry gloves,
mens american classics t-shirt, childrens raincoat from target, betsey johnson fishnets, betsey johnson socks, converse all-star high tops, thrifted gold chains

an outfit i put together for vassiliki after seeing a music video from the 90's.

bonnie pink - it's gonna rain

the up tempo beat, bonnie's pink hair, the japanese lyrics - all ingredients for some dress-up!

people take their wardrobes too seriously in college. the thought that goes into an outfit consisiting of a northface fleece, victoria's secret sweat pants and ugg boots is ridiculous.
mr. t says "loosen up!"


jean-charles de castelbajac

it just makes you smile.

he's the man who brought you the disturbing kermit the frog jacket
(donned by none other than lady gaga)

maybe we'll try a more pret-a-porter version of this?

available on sale at colette

new post with vassiliki coming soon!


turban time

photos taken in photobooth

model: vassiliki

vintage yves saint laurent silk scarf

vassiliki and i were playing around on bloglovin' and saw a new post on jak & jil featuring maya villiger.

the last picture of the post was maya wearing a prada turban - we were instantly inspired by her confident aura.
her casual take on the turban instantly took her otherwise plain outfit places only a true fashionista would go.

thanks tommy.



this music video just about sums up my winter break.
this song = new mantra.
i'm golden.
we're golden.

spring semester starts monday.
my muses return!
and then the styling/shopping/fashiongasm mayhem begins!

i could pee.

meeting with leigh on saturday!
she's my annie.


claire incorruptible

an amazing selection of vintage designer frocks!
fashion-gasms for days!


i need to figure out my australian/american money conversions.



happy new year!

styled posts will be going up shortly after spring semester starts and i get back into the swing of things.

i've been to NYC twice in the past week.

i'm tired and my coat needs a dry cleaning.

for now i leave you with some marc: