our journey

photos taken by LYDIA ULAND

model: myself

cheap monday jeans, hanes tee, rainbow thongs, ray-ban wayfarers


for those of you who don't know, i'm maxwell conrad; but you can just call me "max" :)

my passion? making my girlfriends feel beautiful through a constant experimentation with fashion (and some often-needed retail therapy)

i'm a costume designer who focuses more on the runways than the stage. i look towards women of all walks of life to inspire my designs and stylistic expressions. every female is a muse.

my favorite muses? my friends. my human barbies!

i love dressing women, and they (usually) love when i dress them.

i've put together one too many amazing outfits that went un-documented, i say "no more!!"!
i've decided i need a site/blog where i can share my stylistic expression with the rest of the world.
i talked about it with my roommate vassiliki (one of my main barbies) and she agrees.
i talked about it with my friend LEIGH (amateur photographer) and she wants to help.

and thus, the birth of "fledgling blog".

the title is quite literal.
it stands for what i am.
a fledgling stylist.
a beginner.
and this is a blog.
so yeah, "fledgling blog"
simple enough, no?

so here's how it going down:

i'll now be documenting the various outfits i put together for all of my gal pals and posting them on here for commentary.

the costume designer in me loves playing dress up, so the range in outfits should be fun to watch.

stay tuned.

until next time!
stay lovely:



i stumbled upon these images on the web (source unknown) of jessica and freja wearing rather eccentric outfits for their calm beach setting. if the photographer and stylist had the intention of creating some sort of odd juxtaposition between the solidity of their clothing and the airiness of the beach, i KINDA see it(?) i think(?)
i'm in love with the photos regardless of the stylistic intentions.
the photos remind me of the young girls i'd see playing on the beaches of new york growing up.
the 7 or 8 year old girls who have already spent a huge chunk of their summertime swimming and sunbathing on the beach and have decided that swimsuits were "soooo two weeks ago". these girls would rather play dress-up and tease their hair. no more searching for sea shells and making sand castles.

each models expression says "lets play" in very different ways.

and frankly, i want to play too!

hold on while i go whip up a black tulle skirt and find the faux-leather jacket i bought on sale at H&M last year; and have worn maybe 4 times since. perfect for dress up.


baby jesus' birthday-eve

just went and saw AVATAR in 3D.
its not something to be raved about as a movie; but as an experience.
loved it!
it was a little long (i say that for my bladder's sake) but other than my choice to not pee during the intensely long film, i have no complaints.

go see it.

after: family gift exchange!

sisterbear got me a gorgeous scarf from burberry!!
i love it.
cashmere--- SO soft!
(it will make beautiful cozy winter babies with my new burberry toggle coat)

i got sisterbear some ray-ban clubmasters.
she reminds me of a brunette kate hudson straight off the set of ALMOST FAMOUS.
she's a doll.

(i apologize for the poor quality in pictures; a blackberry can only do so much)

happy holidays all!


a typical thanksgiving gathering.
cousins causing a raucous.
my stage makeup kit.
sisterbear asleep in her room.

the stuffing was scrumptious, and the turkey skin- mouthwatering.
i had leftover mashed potatoes smothered with ketchup for breakfast the morning after.
as well as the morning after that.

photos taken by nichole losgar


i'm not grasping the full nature of this site.
i have faith that i'll understand it in time.
i might have to swing by borders to see if they carry a blogging for dummies book; or something of that persuasion.

i dreamed a wonderful dream last night. mermaid man was in it.
i like him. he's swell :)

photos taken by LYDIA ULAND

missing: staunton in summertime

photos taken by jordan kyler

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