baby jesus' birthday-eve

just went and saw AVATAR in 3D.
its not something to be raved about as a movie; but as an experience.
loved it!
it was a little long (i say that for my bladder's sake) but other than my choice to not pee during the intensely long film, i have no complaints.

go see it.

after: family gift exchange!

sisterbear got me a gorgeous scarf from burberry!!
i love it.
cashmere--- SO soft!
(it will make beautiful cozy winter babies with my new burberry toggle coat)

i got sisterbear some ray-ban clubmasters.
she reminds me of a brunette kate hudson straight off the set of ALMOST FAMOUS.
she's a doll.

(i apologize for the poor quality in pictures; a blackberry can only do so much)

happy holidays all!

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