our journey

photos taken by LYDIA ULAND

model: myself

cheap monday jeans, hanes tee, rainbow thongs, ray-ban wayfarers


for those of you who don't know, i'm maxwell conrad; but you can just call me "max" :)

my passion? making my girlfriends feel beautiful through a constant experimentation with fashion (and some often-needed retail therapy)

i'm a costume designer who focuses more on the runways than the stage. i look towards women of all walks of life to inspire my designs and stylistic expressions. every female is a muse.

my favorite muses? my friends. my human barbies!

i love dressing women, and they (usually) love when i dress them.

i've put together one too many amazing outfits that went un-documented, i say "no more!!"!
i've decided i need a site/blog where i can share my stylistic expression with the rest of the world.
i talked about it with my roommate vassiliki (one of my main barbies) and she agrees.
i talked about it with my friend LEIGH (amateur photographer) and she wants to help.

and thus, the birth of "fledgling blog".

the title is quite literal.
it stands for what i am.
a fledgling stylist.
a beginner.
and this is a blog.
so yeah, "fledgling blog"
simple enough, no?

so here's how it going down:

i'll now be documenting the various outfits i put together for all of my gal pals and posting them on here for commentary.

the costume designer in me loves playing dress up, so the range in outfits should be fun to watch.

stay tuned.

until next time!
stay lovely:

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  1. Hey i just started reading your blog but you are legit so hot

    please model more.