waves of inspiration

my friend aaren just showed me this wonderful live performance of the song "jacksonville" by sufjan stevens:

the colors, the positive energy, the smiles.
it all hit me with a wave of inspiration; a literal splash of color and whimsy.

this video combined with the fantastic weather on campus (which has lifted my spirits) supplied me with more ideas than i know what to do with!

i feel another line in the works.
my wheels are turning!
and i'm loving it.

photographer: myself
shenandoah conservatory campus
04/06/10; disposable camera


  1. Great picture!!!
    Sorry it's taken me ages to look at your masks!! We're doing a huge project at school and it seems to be taking over my life...
    A quick question though: Does the fact that your campus is called Shenandoah have anything to do with that folk song? Shenandoah is the most beautiful song EVER so I just wanted to ask.
    And your MASKS!!!! They're GOREGEOUS!!! They look really sparkly :D

  2. The wings make it so fun :)