sea of socks.

^^^see what i did there? - so much love for jane aldridge and her love of shoes; my love however? socks!

i went shopping at BARNEY's last weekend in search of some new socks to add to my ever growing collection of colored foot condoms! i knew BARNEY's would deliver exactly what i was looking for- their sock displays are always so insanely zany and altogether perfectly chaotic.

i walked away with these three babies... it was hard choosing just three, but i knew there were other things i was looking to spend my hard earned pimp cash on:

prada has a new friend! an oversized gray nylon bum-bag from coach- an unexpected purchase. when i first saw it i thought it was a crossbody messenger that layed flat across my back; the SA was very quick to correct me, but even after her correction i plan on wearing it my way and not as a bum bag. i'll leave the fanny pack look to 'fanny pack'. the way this bag lays flat across my back and stays close to my body (comfortably) was what sold me; i love it.

when i saw yvan rodic's book 'facehunter' priced at a super affordable $10, i couldn't pass it up. the images are beyond.

my favorite find during my mini (retail)therapy session: this gorgeous missoni scarf.
the colors, the pattern, the texture-- divine.
similar styles found here, here, here & here!


  1. ooh that missoni scarf is amazing! my brother found a pair of missoni jeans over the summer for twenty dollars at Filene's which was pretty amazing too. I love socks too, and Jane! Great post. xx

  2. Sweet buys!


  3. i love patterened socks too, those are fab!

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